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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I can never play with him again

PETALING JAYA: “I cannot play with him again, I miss him very much.” - Read story before this

Tears kept streaming down as 10-year-old Foong Chun Wai uttered these words while looking at his younger brother’s coffin.

He was at Chun Yuan’s wake in Kampung Cempaka here, along with his parents and relatives.
Chun Yuan, five, died at the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital intensive care unit at 6.30am last Monday after being in a coma following a tragedy where he walked into a tinted glass door panel at the Kedah Ferry Terminal.

A shard had pierced the artery in his thigh after the glass panel shattered at 6.10am last Friday.
His distraught mother Angie Ng Lai Kean, 38, said: “Enough tears have fallen but nothing can bring him back.”

She is planning legal action against the Kuala Kedah Ferry Terminal authority. “I demand justice for my son,” she said.

At the wake, one of Chun Yuan’s uncles recalled the moments he had spent with his nephew.
“He always tagged along on my motorbike,” he said, holding back tears.

Kedah MCA youth secretary Loh Eng Chong, who has been assisting the family, said he had contacted several lawyers to help the family.

Meanwhile, the operator of the ferry terminal said it had recommended to the Northern Region Marine Department to remove the tinted glass door panel which Chun Yuan had walked into.
Its supervisor Ahmad Fauzi Abidin said the removal of the glass door panel would make movement easier during the rush hour.

He also suggested that the lighting in the waiting area be switched on as early as 6am for safety reasons.

Ahmad Fauzi said safety measures would be tightened as the terminal was the main entrance to Langkawi from mainland Kedah.

On a short messaging system (SMS) sent by an employee of the ferry terminal to Chun Yuan’s father Kwok Mun demanding compensation for the broken glass door, Ahmad Fauzi said “it was a misunderstanding”.

“Since the terminal is government property, we also had to lodge a police report to claim for the panel,” he said, denying that the report was made to threaten the father to pay. Source